Meet Our Spiritual Care Team

Stony Brook chaplains are members of the healthcare team. Mindful of the dignity of every person, chaplains provide spiritual and emotional support to patients, their families, the hospital staff, students and faculty.

As an interfaith team, the mission of each chaplain is to care for people of all faiths and traditions. Our chaplains are available to help you cope with the stresses you may be experiencing both personally and professionally.

Spiritual Care Team

Nicole Rossol, Chief Patient Experience Officer    (631) 560-4389

Amy Karriker, Director of Spiritual Care   (631) 372-6039

David Fleenor, Manager Clinical Pastoral Education  (631) 216-8783

Andrew Dees    (631) 806-5253

Onyekachi Innocent Duru (631) 358-4791

Mike Ezeatu    (631) 372-3827

Vitus Ezeiruaku    (631) 786-0102

Emily Fowler (631) 235-8162

Eric Kasongo    (631) 786-7927

Mike Montelione (631) 358-3891

Sanaa Nadim

Charles Okoye    (631) 786-6360

Jerome Madumelu  (631) 260-3738  Jerome

Joseph Topek    (631) 786-6535


You are welcome to reach out to any of our chaplains individually or to reach the chaplain on call, ask the hospital operator at (631) 689-8333 or send an email to SpiritualCare.

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