Sanaa Nadim


Sanaa Nadim is the Muslim chaplain at the State University of New York, Stony Brook and Stony Brook University Hospital. At the university, her main responsibility is to represent the Islamic Society of Stony Brook and advocate for the rights and services of the Muslim students. She also organizes discussion sessions with diverse groups to build bridges between the diverse communities on campus and helps create and facilitate programs for social justice causes and cultural celebrations. She has served Stony Brook University Hospital since 2019 as a per diem chaplain providing chaplaincy services for patients, families, staff and faculty as well as organizing and arranging speakers for Friday Jummah prayers in the chapel. Chaplain Nadim is the Vice-Chair of the Muslim Advisory Board of Suffolk County. She sits on the Anti -Bias Task Force, and is the Chair of the Interfaith Center at Stony Brook university. Recently, she has received the title of a police chaplain at the state university of Stony Brook.

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