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Health Disparities

A message from Carol Gomes, Chief Executive Officer of Stony Brook University Hospital:

"As part of our mission to provide world-class, compassionate care, we want to ensure that everyone associated with Stony Brook Medicine — patients, visitors, faculty, staff and those within the community — feels a sense of belonging in everything we do.

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic drew attention to the healthcare disparities that exist nationally and within our own region. At Stony Brook Medicine, we have always been committed to creating a culture of health equity and belongingness for all — a healthcare environment in which everyone who walks through our doors feels safe, respected, valued and heard. Our goal is to strengthen, amplify and sustain Stony Brook Medicine’s efforts around eliminating health inequities by improving health outcomes and closing any gaps in healthcare disparities that have been rooted in historical injustices, biases and discrimination."

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Health Equity Committee Structure

Stony Brook Medicine is committed to advancing health equity with a key goal of creating a culture of health equity and belongingness.

The Stony Brook Medicine Health Equity Executive Steering Committee is co-chaired by Nicole Rossol, Chief Patient Experience Officer for Stony Brook University Hospital, and Dr. Judith Brown Clarke, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion, and Chief Diversity Officer for Stony Brook University and Health System.

Four subcommittees were also established to focus on key priorities. They include:

  • Data-Driven Care Delivery
  • Training and the Culture of Learning
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership and Governance
  • Community Partnerships

Together, the team members of these four subcommittees are working to address specific goals associated with health equity, diversity and inclusion.

Stony Brook Medicine Health Equity Committee Chairs join Becker's Healthcare to share their insights into Stony Brook Medicine's health equity committee structure, impactful initiatives, and upcoming priorities.

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Health Equity at Stony Brook Medicine

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