Spiritual Care

We are spiritual as well as physical beings. Patients, their loved ones and the staff who care for them have spiritual needs and benefit by expressing their thoughts, feeling and concerns. We care.

The Chapel

The Chapel is open 24 hours a day for personal prayer and meditation. It is located on Level 5 by the main hospital entrance near the gift shop. Meditation and Centering Prayer is offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:00AM.

Prayer requests can be left in the chapel at any time and special services, including memorial services, bereavement support and Grieving through the Holidays, will be scheduled.

Kosher food is available upon request and in the cafeteria.

All are welcome to attend

Schedule of Services

Centering Prayer/Meditation MWF 8AM
Roman Catholic Mass  SMTTHF  12 N
Lectio Divina  TH 11AM 
Protestant Services T, F  11AM
Ecumenical Service of Prayer  W 12N
Jewish Student Union Prayer M-TH  12:40P
Jumu’ah Prayers 12:45P
Music and Mindfulness  3P

Your Hospital Chaplain

Professional chaplains offer spiritual care to all who are in need and have specialized education to mobilize spiritual resources so that patients cope more effectively. They maintain confidentiality and provide a supportive presence within which patients can discuss their concerns. Chaplains are professionally accountable to their religious faith group, their certifying chaplaincy organization, and the employing institution.

Professional chaplains and their certifying organizations demonstrate a deep commitment and sensitivity to diverse ethnic and religious cultures. They are theologically trained to:

  • Respect for patients' spiritual or religious preferences
  • Understanding of the impact of illness on individuals and their caregivers
  • Be accountabe as part of a professional patient care team

The Chaplain is available to listen, to comfort, and to help you draw upon your religious or spiritual strength. Chaplains are available and in house daily; nights and weekends please ask your nurse or caregiver to page the chaplain on call.

Contact Us: Have the nurse contact the unit Chaplain or dial the operator 631.444.1077 and ask them to page the Chaplain on call

Our Care

  • Patient visitation
  • Mindful listening
  • Prayer, at your request
  • Baptism, emergent
  • Sacrament of the Sick
  • Communion/Eucharist
  • Blessings Advocacy
  • To share in your faith struggles
  • Assist in seeking inner peace and strength
  • To help answer your spiritual questions
  • Supply sacred texts, or holy writings from your faith traditions
  • Assist in contacting religious leaders from your faith tradition
  • To help meet specific faith or spiritual needs

You May Benefit from a Chaplain...

  • When struggling to understand your illness
  • When dealing with diagnosis, illness or change in health status
  • When ethical concerns arise
  • When assistance is desired in contacting your spiritual leader
  • Perinatal or post-natal loss/crisis
  • If you receive a new diagnosis
  • For prayer, religious/spiritual rituals or sacraments
  • Pre/post-surgical procedures
  • When experiencing grief, loss, or life transition
  • If you are distraught, anxious, fearful, lonely, or stressed
  • When you have concerns, questions, or doubts about your faith or spiritual beliefs
  • When hospital personnel need spiritual guidance and or support