Requesting Your Medical Records and/or Radiology Images

You may request release of your confidential medical information for your own use, or to be sent to your physician or other representative. When requesting your confidential medical information, please complete all areas of the Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information form to avoid delays in processing your request.

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You may mail or hand-deliver your completed authorization to:

Stony Brook University Hospital
Health Information Management Department
Release of Information Division
MR, Room # 104
Stony Brook, NY   11794-7131

The Release of Information Division is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

  • There is no charge to you for your medical records if we send them to another health care provider.
  • If you are requesting records for your personal use, request only records that you need such as a specific date of service or related to a specific injury.

In some cases, Instead of a full copy of your record a less expensive abstract of your medical record may be sufficient.  The abstract contains the following:

Face Sheet Laboratory Reports
Discharge Summary Radiology Reports (X-rays, CT, MRI, etc.)
Admission History/Physical EKG/EEG Reports
Consultations Cardiac Testing (Holter, Echo, Stress, etc.)
Operative Reports Special Procedures (endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc.)
Pathology Reports Emergency Room Report

If you are requesting records for yourself or your legal representative, please be aware that there is a fee of $0.75 per page, plus shipping. If you request a full copy of your record you will be billed for every page which could result in substantial charges.

If you are requesting copies of radiology images please complete the Authorization for Duplication of Images form and fax the completed form to (631) 638-0643 or mail it to:

Stony Brook University Hospital
Department of Radiology
Radiology File Room
HSC L-4 Room 120
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8420