Marta Cecilia Gordon-Duffis

Marta Gordon Duffis

Palliative Care Chaplain

Chaplain Marta Cecilia Gordon-Duffis provides spiritual and emotional support to all Palliative Care patients, their families, and staff. Born and raised on the Colombian Island of San Andrés, in South America, she completed her Masters in Chaplaincy from Loma Linda University, California, and worked as a Chaplain Supervisor and Palliative Care Chaplain at Saint John’s Episcopal Hospital, in New York and as a Chaplain Supervisor at Meritus Health in Maryland. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science from Atlantic Union College, Massachusetts, and did her Clinical Pastoral Education training at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey. Chaplain Gordon-Duffis also has two years’ experience as Patient Advocate/Patience Experience manager. She possesses a vast cross-cultural experience having lived and worked in the Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, and Northern and Eastern Caribbean countries. She believes that Chaplaincy is an extension of herself.

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