Frequently Asked Questions

When can I submit my application?

You can fill out our online application by clicking this link: 

Or you can fill out our fillable application available on our website.  Applications are accepted via email:  

We do not accept walk-in applications.  If you do not have access to email, you can fax the application to 631-444-6632.  Please call our office if you have any questions 631-444-2610.  The Volunteer Office is closed on Holidays.

Applications must be complete upon submission including the Physicians Medical Reference form and Tuberculosis Screening (PPD). All required medical paperwork can be found on our webpage.  Please be sure that the Physicians Medical Reference form has been signed and stamped by your physician and that the PPD documentation indicates date planted and date read.  

We will acknowledge receipt of your email. During peak seasons acknowledgement will be sent within 5 business days. It is strongly recommended that you call the office if you do not receive acknowledgement.  Please note: Volunteer Services is not open on holidays.

The hospital Employee Health Office can satisfy the MMR requirement if you do not have documentation. Employee Health cannot complete the Physicians Medical Reference form or Tuberculosis Screening.

Individuals, who have had a past positive PPD, must provide a copy of a chest x-ray report. Employee Health will not administer chest x-rays for individuals who have had a past positive PPD.

Do you have a summer volunteer program?

Applicants are required to make a commitment of at least 100 hours of volunteer service. You may volunteer for the summer only if your schedule permits you to complete the minimum number of hours. For example: If you are planning to volunteer during the months of June, July and August you must be available to volunteer for approximately 16 hours per week.

Please be sure you allow yourself enough time to complete the application process. Ideally summer applicants should begin the process no later than April.

How long must I wait before I can start volunteering?

It can take anywhere from four to six weeks before you can begin. After your completed application is reviewed by the volunteer staff you may be asked to make two appointments – one for Employee Health and one for Volunteer Orientation. The Employee Health Department offers assessments to new volunteers every two weeks. 

Senior applicants (18 years or older) must successfully complete a background investigation prior to starting their volunteer assignment. The background investigation will occur once a volunteer has received a schedule from a departmental supervisor and notifies Volunteer Services of the tentative start date.

You may find that it will take upwards of six weeks to begin if you apply during the early summer or early fall, our busiest time of year.

How much time should I set aside for volunteering?

Applicants are required to make a commitment of at least 100 hours of volunteer service.  In general, volunteers schedule their assignment for a minimum of once a week for three hours.  

Do I need to wear a uniform? Do I have to purchase one?

Yes, all volunteers are required to be in uniform when reporting for volunteer service.  Volunteer uniforms are available for purchase on the volunteers first day of service. The cost of the uniform is $25.00 plus tax.  Please report to Volunteer Services first to obtain your ID badge and then purchase your uniform in the Gift Shop. If the cost of the uniform will create an economic hardship for any volunteer, speak with the Volunteer Services staff privately for an alternative solution. 

What days of the week and times is Employee Health and Volunteer Orientations held?

Applicants who do not submit documentation of two MMR vaccines will be required to attend an Employee Health session. The Employee Health Department permits volunteer applicants to schedule their appointments on Tuesdays only. The appointments are given in 15 minute intervals between the hours of 8:30am and 3:15pm. During the school year, appointments between the hours of 2pm and 3:15pm are reserved for volunteers who are between the ages of 14 and 17. The Employee Health appointment is free of charge.

All applicants are required to attend Volunteer Orientation. The Volunteer Orientation covers topics such as: fire safety, patient confidentiality, general procedures, attendance, infection control, etc.  Due to COVID, we have suspended  in-person orientations.  You will receive the orientation and volunteer manual via email after we receive your completed application.

How do I find out what departments I can work in?

The description of assignments is available on-line by visiting: You choose the assignment! Once your application is submitted you may start calling the department supervisor to discuss placement and a schedule.

A staff member from Volunteer Services will notify you via telephone of your clearance to start and will ask you for the schedule you worked out with the departmental supervisor. You will then be given a start date. For Senior Volunteers, the start date given is tentative, pending a successful background investigation.

What is the difference between a Junior and Senior Volunteer?

A junior volunteer is someone who is between the age of 14 years and 17 years. Junior Volunteers are not permitted to work after 7pm, may be restricted from some assignments and cannot volunteer more than 16 hours per week. Take notice on each page of the role description book to check if the department you are interested in is open to all volunteers or just senior volunteers only.

A senior volunteer is someone who is 18 or older. Senior volunteers must undergo a successful background investigation before they are permitted to begin their volunteer service.

What about parking and snack cards?

All hospital volunteers are eligible for free parking on their day of service or when they are visiting the hospital for a volunteer-related appointment. When arriving at University Hospital, please park in the visitor’s parking garage and bring in your parking ticket for validation.

Volunteers are entitled to a snack card voucher which has a value of $4.50 and is issued daily after a minimum of 3 hours of volunteer service is completed.