Preoperative Services


Our Preoperative Services help prepare patients for a successful and safe hospital experience. The Preoperative Team works with patients to identify and modify risk factors to ensure the best possible outcome and to prevent last-minute delays and cancellation of surgery.

The Preoperative Visit

Your preoperative visit is important and will last approximately two hours. Receptionists at the Ambulatory Surgery Center, where visits take place, will welcome and guide you. At this time, existing medical problems can be identified and a plan for optimal treatment will be developed. During the visit, the team will take the time to fully prepare you, both mentally and physically, for your surgical procedure.

What your visit may include

Your preoperative visit may include any of the following:
  • A directed medical history and physical exam
  • Any necessary testing, such as lab work, EKG, and x-rays
  • A consultation with an anesthesiologist
  • Education and explanation about how to prepare for surgery and what to expect
  • An opportunity to address any concerns about the upcoming surgery
What to bring
  • Any paperwork from your surgeon or primary care physician, i.e., history, physical, consent, etc.
  • Recent cardiology/pulmonary or other consults or test results
  • Accurate list of medications (including over-the-counter and herbal) and the dosages
  • A list of current physicians and their phone
  • and fax numbers
  • Insurance information

The Preoperative Team

The Preoperative Team is lead by Dr. Deborah Richman and is composed of:
  • Anesthesiologists who are physicians specializing in the practice of anesthesiology
  • Nurse practitioners and physicians assistants who perform preoperative history and physical examinations and provide patient education
  • Registered nurses who are responsible for collecting patient information, consents and test results for delivery to the operating room staff
  • Clinical assistant who perform all necessary lab work

How to Arrange for Your Preoperative Visit

Approximately three weeks before your scheduled surgery date, you will be contacted to make arrangements for your visit. The visit will take place at eh Ambulatory Surgery Center, 1 Edmund D. Pellegrino Road, Stony Brook. If you have questions prior to your appointment, call (631) 444-9404.