MyHealtheLife Patient Portal – Self Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone self-enroll for a patient portal account?  
Self-enrollment is available for Stony Brook Medicine patients who are age 18 or older who don't currently have access to a MyHealtheLife patient portal account.  If you have previously signed up and don’t remember your username or password, please call technical support for help - (877) 621-8014.

What does it mean to “verify your account”?  
To help ensure the privacy and security of your information, we require you to choose a method of verifying your information.  You can verify by using either your email address on file, via a text to a cell-phone number on file, or with your Medical Record Number (MRN) if you know it.  Once your information is verified, you will receive a verification code that you will need to complete the self-enrollment process.  

I tried to self-enroll but got a “More Information Is Needed” message.  What does that mean?  
If the information you provided on the self-enrollment form does not match what is on file at Stony Brook Medicine, you will not qualify for self-enrollment.  

If I do not qualify for self-enrollment what can I do to sign up?
To request an invitation for MyHealtheLife, tell the staff at your next office visit that you would like to create a portal account and provide them with your email address.

I self-enrolled but I am not seeing any data in my portal.  What happened?
If you are in our system as a guarantor for another person, your portal may be connecting to that guarantor profile – which does not include clinical information.   In this case, please contact us at, with the subject “Self Enrollment”, and include the telephone number where you can be reached.  

Can portals be linked by family members for access to each other’s data?
Yes, you can assign “proxy” access to your portal account to a family member or caregiver, however self-enrollment is not currently available for proxy access.  During your inpatient or outpatient visit, let a Stony Brook Medicine staff member know you would like a proxy to receive an email invitation to your portal account.  Give them your PROXY’S email address and an email invitation will be automatically sent for them to create an account.  

Is my entire medical record available through MyHealtheLife patient portal?
The Stony Brook Medicine Patient Portal provides a summary of health information.  If you want an official copy of your medical record, you must contact the Health Information Management Department at (631) 444-1300.

What can I do through the portal?
Patients can view lab results, radiology/cardiology reports, see your immunization history, send non-urgent health-related messages to your doctor, see upcoming appointments and request new non-urgent ones, chart your wellness progress with fitness, weight, food and heart rate tracking, and view your health record including allergies, medications, immunizations, problems, and past procedures.   Allergies and medications only show currently active information.

Where can a patient go for help navigating the Stony Brook Medicine Patient Portal?  
For technical support, patients should call (877) 621-8014.