Specialized, Multidisciplinary Pediatric Surgery Right Here at Stony Brook Children's

Dr. Christopher Muratore-MD News
Dr. Christopher Muratore, Chief, Division of Pediatric Surgery; lobby of Stony Brook Children's


When searching for the best possible care for your child, Long Islanders need not look further than their own backyard.  Dr. Christopher Muratore, Chief of Pediatric Surgery was featured in Long Island MD News last month where he discussed the type of multidisciplinary, collaborative care you can find at Stony Brook Children's.  

“Children’s surgery requires lots of follow-up and continuation of care,” Dr. Muratore says. “Having an institution like Stony Brook, with multiple community access points, keeps people where they live and helps kids stay in school whenever possible. Families can continue working, too — they don’t have to uproot themselves and move when their child has surgery.”

But while the convenience to family is imperative, the relationship and collaboration with our community physicians is just as important.  

Dr. Muratore encourages physicians to reach out to him and his staff with questions about their patients.  This sort of dialogue and cohesion is encouraged so that physicians in the community are confident in our treatment strategy and have a full view of the type of care their patients receive.  

“We have created a system that allows a pediatrician to call and speak with me and say, ‘I don’t know what I’m looking at,’ or, ‘I think I’m looking at X, can you see the patient?’” Dr. Muratore says. “We’re honored to collaborate with children’s providers across Long Island.”

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To learn more about Dr. Muratore and his Pediatric Surgical Practice, visit stonybrookchildrens.org/surgery 

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