Colon and Rectal Surgery

Our colon and rectal surgeons are trained to provide the most sophisticated surgical care for patients with a wide range of diseases and disorders.  They have expertise in the use of minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopy) and other minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of colorectal diseases, including cancer. Our surgeons are also committed to performing colon cancer screenings, and perform colonoscopy, among other diagnostic tests.


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Surgical Care Center
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East Setauket, NY 11733


Stony Brook University Cancer Center
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Nurse Practitioner

Deborah Nagle, MD

Chief, Colon and Rectal Surgery Division

Jacob Joseph, NP

Marvin L. Corman, MD


Paula I. Denoya, MD


Kathreen P. Lee, MD


Arnold R. Leiboff, MD


William B. Smithy, MD  

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Our Negative Pressure suite is uniquely designed to prevent the spread of airborne diseases.  By utilizing a ventilation system; air is pulled into the space and then completely filtered prior to releasing it back outside the room, providing our patients with the safest care and surgical experience available today.  The addition of this suite allows us to continue providing our patients the convenience of having procedures done right in the comfort of our office.

Anal Access/Fistula Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Anal Cancer Polyps of the Colon
Anal Fissure Rectal Cancer
Anal Warts Rectal Prolapse
Bowel Incontinence Rectocele
Colon Cancer Ulcerative Colitis 
Crohn's disease  
Diverticular Disease  

"Nurse/Navigator Lilliana Borelli RN was the BEST of all my experiences from pre-colonoscopy scheduling to post operation follow up.  Lilliana Borelli was there to greet me as promised at the new Cancer Center for my appointments with doctors Lee and Zhang.  Lilliana Borelli introduced me to financial aid at my request easing a lot of anxiety.  Lilliana Borelli was amazingly responsive.  If not picking up my phone call, calling back almost immediately answering my questions. If it was an unspecified time she would get it and call back right away.  I was NEVER left hanging.  Lilliana updated my wife post procedures always.  Lilliana Borelli's exceptional attitude, caring, patience, among many many more is amazing.  Dedicated workers such as Lilliana who love their work and job and serve are what makes Stony Brook Hospital and the new Cancer Center the best in medicine.  Lilliana is a perfect example for everyone." - Charles M.