Patient Success Stories

Duc T. Bui, MD

"Miracle doctor, my brother was his patient, great experience, big surgery after tragic leg fraction with big open wound."

Christopher S. Bellber, MD

"Dr. Bellber is amazing! I'm not going to lie each doctor I take with a grain of salt. But my condition was fairly severe (9/11 related). He didn't realize it until the surgery had begun that the cartilage in my nose had completely disintegrated. Dr. Bellber came up with a new game plan taking and cleaning out the cartilage completely and used, what I refer to as, medical grade cement to give me a new nose. No one call tell. If you need your nose or any type of plastic surgery done. Talk to this man.  You won't be disappointed. I wasn't."

Alexander B. Dagum, MD, Chief

"Dr. Dagum is by far and away one of the best doctors. He is knowledgeable, patient and caring.  You can tell that he really loves helping people and does an amazing job.   I highly recommend him!!!"

"Dr. Dagum successfully treated me for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Carpal release surgery.  Surgery was at the end of April, 2017 and now, about 4-1/2 months later, 9/8/17,  I'm nearly back to normal at work,  bicycle riding and playing musical instruments as Dr. Dagum had predicted. Nearly all of the pain and numbness in the treated hand has subsided and strength is returning. I'm continuing self therapy with heat and Play-Doh a few times a week for strength and to break down sensitive internal scar tissue."

"His office & Op room staff were prompt and courteous. I'd recommend him highly for this procedure and will likely return some day for my other hand." -Henry D.

"Simply outstanding doctor! Dr. Dagum is wonderful.  Thus far my son has undergone 2 surgeries with Dr. Dagum to correct cleft lip/palate. He is such a kind and understanding doctor. As parents my husband and I were extremely nervous for our son to have these surgeries but just talking with Dr. Dagum put us at ease. We cant thank him enough for the amazing job he did." - Erica

"Dr. Dagum has performed surgery on my both my right and left wrist 10 years apart. He is a great doctor, with excellent bedside manners. I would recommend him to anyone that needs hand surgery. Hopefully I won't have to have any more surgery but if I do, he's the best. Also want to give out a shout to Doug Muller, his PA. He's a great asset to the Doctor." - Deborah T.

"Dr. Dagum is simply one of the best Dr's around. He has surgically repaired my son's cleft lip and palate. Just can't believe the incredible work he has done. As my son's cleft is unnoticeable, and you would not even be able to tell he was born with the condition. He is a passionate, kind hearted man and it shows in his incredible work as a surgeon. We can not thank this Dr enough for all the work he has done on our son. Fantastic Man."

Tara L. Huston, MD

"Dr. Huston is AMAZING! She managed my entire prophylactic double mastectomy. I have been working with Dr. Huston for over a year and her experience, support and professionalism was remarkable. She is caring and understood every fear.  I highly recommend her and her team. BEYOND AMAZING!!!"   Thank you Dr. Huston!

Sami U Khan, MD

"I usually don’t write reviews but this time I new it would be beneficial to all those women out there with large breasts.  Dr. Khan was professional, knowledgeable, has great bed side manners, and hands down I highly recommend him.  His surgical skills has changed my quality of life and my breasts look better than ever.  Thanks to Dr. khan and his PA Carol!!” - Carol D.

"My experience with Dr. Sami Khan was amazing. Throughout the entire process Dr. Khan and his team provided extremely professional and compassionate care. I couldn’t have asked for better results after my procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Khan and can’t thank him enough." -Roland D

"I had a tummy tuck May 20th! I feel great and could not be more happy with the results. I love him and his whole staff! Thank you again guys" - Jackie P.

"Dr. Khan and Carol are awesome!!! I had a lot of work done after a huge weight loss and I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the results!!! Thank you so much!!!" - Kerry W.

"Dr Khan and Carol (PA) are great!!! I had to deal with an extensive surgery (too much to include) but before, during and after they were both attentive, informative, understanding and gentle to my feelings and concerns. Dr Khan answered all my questions and I never one felt rushed like other places. Carol is a god sent! She takes off stitches, wraps and drains like nobody’s business! I’m happy to have found them and happy they changed my life" -K Maq

"Dr. Khan is a dedicated professional who is concerned with his  patience health and well being.  I had extensive abdominal surgery (not a tummy tuck). I always thought if you have a truly skilled surgeon you have less pain and healing is quicker with less scaring . I can truly say I am healing well and have had no problems.  His staff was encouraging and professional." - Mary C.

David K Lam, MD, DDS, PhD

"Dr. Lam saved and changed the course of my life, without his tremendous heart and effort I would not be able to speak clearly today. I had cancer at the base of my tongue. Dr. Lam performed a 17 hour surgery resectioning my tongue to remove the cancer that almost destroyed my life. Besides  being the top oral cancer surgeon in the Northeast he's also a wonderful person ,someone you know you can trust and who will make every effort to give you the best possible outcome. Thanks Dr. Lam, my family and I will be forever grateful."