Dr. Samer Sbayi sits down with Hernia Talk Live

Hernia Talk Live


Dr. Samer Sbayi Sat down recently with fellow surgeon Dr. Shirin Towfigh to discuss Hernia treatment and the famed Shouldice Hernia Repair technique.  This approach to repair takes typically only 45 minutes and uses intravenous sedation in lieu of gas anesthesia or can be done using a local anesthetic which is injected directly to the skin to numb the incision site lasting through and post surgery.  


The Shouldice repair is used to treat a variety of external abdominal wall hernias, including indirect and direct inguinal hernias, recurrent hernias, femoral hernias, epigastric hernias (also called ventral hernias), incisional hernias, Spigelian hernias (also called lateral ventral hernias), and umbilical hernias. This unique repair is performed using no mesh, with low reoccurrence rates, low chronic pain and reduced infection rates.  


Since there are very few surgeons in the country trained in this Hernia Repair technique, Dr. Sbayi treats patients from across the United States, and patients from other countries who seek Shouldice Hernia Repair.  Watch the full Q&A below to learn more about this highly sought after treatment technique!


To learn more about Shouldice Hernia Repair, check out the Live Q & A below or visit our Website, Center for Abdominal Core Health and Complex Hernia Repair


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