Chaplaincy / Spiritual Care

Stony Brook chaplains are members of the "healthcare team." Mindful of the dignity of every person, chaplains provide spiritual and emotional support to patients, their families, the hospital staff, students and faculty.

As an Interfaith team, the mission of each chaplain is to care for people of all faiths and traditions, to help patients, their families and friends cope with illness, and to assist those making difficult healthcare decisions.

Our chaplains are companions who will listen; someone with whom you can share your burden. They are available to those experiencing loneliness or anxiety, for anyone dealing with loss, long-term illness, trauma or death. Pastoral care may include prayer, counseling, sacramental services and worship.

In addition to making routine visits on assigned units, our chaplaincy staff provides continuing pastoral education through workshops, acts as liason for community groups, participates in the orientation of new employees and medical students, plans, prepares and presides at seasonal and memorial services, and makes contact with local clergy upon request. Further, our chaplains promote cooperative understanding between hospital personnel and religious groups.

For daytime services, chaplains are on duty Monday to Friday and are accessible through beepers. For evening and weekend services, or should an emergency arise, our services are covered by an on-call chaplain.

The Interfaith Meditation Chapel is open 24 hrs. and provides a quiet space for prayer and religious services. It is located in the main lobby (level 5) near the Information Desk. If you are in need of these services, please call the office directly at (631) 444-7775,  ask the hospital operater - (631) 689-8333 - to reach the Chaplain on call, or send an email to SpiritualCare.


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The Hospital staff includes a team of chaplains to provide spiritual comfort to patients and families. Find out how to speak with a chaplain or participate in worship services while a patient.