Palliative Care Service Provider Information

Call for a Palliative Care consult when a patient has advanced life-limiting illness, such as cancer, COPD, ESRD, CHF, or dementia.

We can help patients with:

  • Unacceptable symptom distress
  • Initiation and management of PCA, narcotic pump for chronic cancer pain
  • Patient and family meetings to achieve goals of care
  • Mediating family/patient/team conflict
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary action plans

We can help the team with:

  • Helping to avoid “bounce back” admissions
  • Transitioning to a skilled nursing facility, comfort care plan, or home hospice care

Please remember:

  • We help throughout all stages of any advanced life-limiting illness.
  • We can help patients who are receiving life-prolonging treatments, including chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Hospice is a plan for patients in the final phase of advanced life-limiting illness. Hospice care is provided in many settings, including nursing homes, inpatient facilities, “hospice house” locations, or private homes.


  • Page the Hospital operator OR Call the Palliative Care office at 4-2292