Still experiencing symptoms after a COVID-19 diagnosis?

RajupetSritha Rajupet, MD, MPH
Director, Population-Based Health Initiatives Department of Family, Population & Preventive Medicine
Primary Care Lead, Post-COVID Clinic
Stony Brook Medicine

In response to the growing healthcare needs of New Yorkers who have contracted COVID-19, Stony Brook Medicine opened the first Post-COVID Clinic on Long Island in November 2020. Led by Dr. Sritha Rajupet, the Post-COVID Clinic provides specialized care to patients who have previously had a COVID-19 infection and are still experiencing symptoms. Here, Dr. Rajupet shares more information about the Clinic and Post COVID care.

What is ‘Post COVID’ and how is it detected?
Post COVID, also known as Post Acute Sequelae of SARS CoV-2 (PASC), can occur in 10 to 30 percent of those affected by COVID-19. The definition of Post COVID is still evolving. The CDC considers it to be a wide range of new, emerging or ongoing health problems that people can experience four or more weeks after being first infected with COVID-19.
Some associated symptoms include difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, tiredness or fatigue, difficulty concentrating, headache, joint or muscle pain, sleep problems, mood changes, or changes in smell or taste.

How does our Post-COVID Clinic differ from others in the region, or country?
We take a holistic approach to patient care, addressing physical and emotional health as well as social well-being. Should a patient at the Post-COVID Clinic need to see additional providers, we are often able to accommodate them because we are located in Stony Brook Medicine’s Advanced Specialty Care facility in Commack, which houses over 30 specialties. Patients can receive a wide-range of care in one location and often times in one day – setting us apart from similar clinics whose patients may have to travel to multiple locations in order to receive proper treatment and follow-up care.

What specialties and services are treated at the Post-COVID Clinic?
The Clinic’s physicians have a unique depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to appropriate and effective Post COVID follow-up care, including:
• Cardiology
• Echocardiography
• Imaging
• Infectious Diseases
• Internal Medicine
• Laboratory Services
• Mental Health Services
• Nephrology
• Neurology
• Pulmonary
• Pulmonary Function Testing
• Stress Test Lab
• Vascular Care

Who can use the Clinic?
All residents in New York State, not just patients of Stony Brook Medicine can use the Clinic, but must meet the following eligibility criteria: have had a previous clinical diagnosis of COVID-19 or a history of positive COVID tests/ history of COVID antibodies and a history of chronic symptoms. If you are unsure if you meet eligibility criteria, please give the Clinic a call and our care team would be happy to assist you.

What does the future look like for the Clinic and COVID-19 treatments?
Right now, there is still so much to learn about Post COVID, or PASC, but our goal is to improve your quality of life. We strive to provide a safe haven for patients to share their COVID story while also providing up to date information regarding symptom management and research opportunities.

To learn more about the Post-COVID Clinic, visit or call (631) 638-0597.

To learn more about Advanced Specialty Care, visit or call (631) 638-0597.

Stony Brook Medicine's COVID-19 Support Group

Open to anyone, especially those with a previous diagnosis, looking for an outlet to discuss the emotional effects of COVID-19.
Thursdays, 6 to 7 pm | Online 
Led by Jenna Palladino, PsyD

For more information, call (631) 632-2428.