What You Should Know About Donating Blood Now

MamoneLinda Mamone, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Pathology, Transfusion Medicine
Interim Director, Blood Bank
AhmedTahmeena Ahmed, MD
Assistant Professor
Pathology, Transfusion Medicine

Stony Brook University Hospital’s Blood Bank exclusively serves the patients of our hospital by collecting blood to meet their needs. Our transfusion medicine specialists Dr. Linda Mamone and Dr. Tahmeena Ahmed want you to know more about donating blood here, especially at this time which coincides with a challenging period nationwide. As we strive to maintain a sufficient supply of blood for our patients, now is another great time to donate blood and make a difference. January is National Blood Donor Month, too.

Why is donating blood so important now?
The need for blood donations is constant. The Covid pandemic has negatively impacted donor turnout. We have many donors who step up, nonetheless. One way to make a difference during a public health challenge like the Covid pandemic is to donate blood. All of the blood donated at Stony Brook University Hospital’s Blood Bank stays here for our patients. 

As our hospital continues to resume surgical procedures and patient treatments that were temporarily paused because of the pandemic, donors are urged to give now to help ensure blood products are available for patients. Our success at providing ample blood for transfusions always depends on our donors, all of whom are volunteers.

Who can donate blood and how often?
Donors must be at least 17 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in good health. Whole blood donors may donate every 8 weeks or 56 days, and platelet donors every 3 days. Short questionnaires are also filled out to help ensure donor (and recipient) safety.

Is it safe to donate blood now?
Yes. At our blood bank we follow the highest safety standards. The needle and bag used to collect the blood are used only once, and then discarded. Donors who come to us can rest assured and know they’re in an extremely safe environment that conforms to all our hospital’s Covid and other safety protocols. 

What special care is given to blood donors at Stony Brook?
We make the process as easy and convenient as possible for our donors. Every donor at Stony Brook University Hospital’s Blood Bank receives individualized attention from a nurse in a comfortable setting. Potential blood donors are extensively educated to ensure they understand the donation process. It takes about an hour to donate whole blood and a little longer for other donation types, such as platelets. 

Make Your Donation: Give the Gift of Life!

Come to Stony Brook’s Blood Bank to donate and make a difference now.

For an appointment, call (631) 444-DONATE (3662) or visit stonybrookmedicine.edu/patientcare/bloodbank.