Stony Brook University Hospital is committed to being an HRO—a high reliability organization that has error-free operation over time. That means striving to get it right, all the time. One of the keys to being an HRO is for everyone involved in patient care to support patient safety, 24/7. 

Stony Brook University Hospital inspires a culture where patient safety is a 24/7 state of mind by continuously assessing, educating, and training our teams in all areas of patient safety. Each week we share what we have learned and take actions so we can better understand how the consequences of our actions can seriously and positively impact patient safety. To truly achieve this 24/7 safety culture, however, our patients must also have an active voice. We encourage you to ask questions if you have doubts or concerns, understand what will happen if you need surgery, keep a copy of your medical history, and inform your healthcare providers about all the medications you take.    

As you read about several of the patient safety initiatives we’ve embarked on at Stony Brook University Hospital, you’ll see that your input and feedback are important to us and key to making it all work. Let’s keep the healthy dialogue going.