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Dental Prophylaxis
      Antimicrobial prophylaxis the routine use of antibiotic prophylaxis for dental patients with total joint replacements has been scrutinized more recently because of the lack of scientific evidence supporting its use, the risk of emerging antibiotic resistant bacteria, the risk of anaphylactic reaction associated with antibiotics, and the cost of continued routine usage of antibiotics.  It is recommended that patients have good dental health before undergoing joint arthroplasty and, when necessary, seek professional care.  Patients who already have a total joint in place also should maintain good oral health.  After the joint replacement, we recommend that you take preventative antibiotics for any dental work during the first year only - after the first year, none is needed.  We will provided this prescription to you on one of your post-operative visits.   Wait three months after your surgery to have any routine dental work or dental cleanings done.  You may show this paragraph to your dentist if they have any concerns.