Over the years, we’ve been recognized for our innovative and successful environmental programming. We have received many awards for our efforts, including the Making Medicine Mercury Free Award, EPA’s Environmental Quality Award, the SterilMed Best Practice for Environmental Excellence Award, and several Practice Greenhealth Partner for Change awards. 

Vizient Sustainability Excellence Awards are given by Vizient, the largest member-owned healthcare company in the country, to hospital that demonstrate commitment to sustainability by implementing a new program that has measurable success. 

Stony Brook Medicine won a 2016 Vizient Sustainability Excellence Award, for two projects: our Microfiber Mop Program and our Deck Rehabilitation Project on the Health Sciences Tower rooftop. Using microfiber – which is a more efficient cleaning method than using water and chemicals – yields many benefits. It helps the environment, makes it safer for staff to clean floors, and improves cleanliness of patient care areas. Cleaning staff no longer have to wring out dirty mops or handle buckets of dirty water. The process conserves water. And microfiber provides a more thorough cleaning of all surface areas of the flooring. Regarding the deck rehabilitation, the buildings were experiencing temperature control issues. We installed more efficient insulation, and replaced the rusted beams that were supporting the infrastructure. New high-efficiency insulation was installed and all lighting was replaced with LEDs. Support steel was replaced. New doors were installed to inhibit outside temperatures from entering. The facility roofs are now water-tight, and the area above the ceiling has significantly higher temperatures on cold days and lower temperatures on hot days. 

We were named a “Greenhealth Partner for Change” by Practice Greenhealth, a national organization that recognizes healthcare institutions making environmental stewardship an essential part of their operations. Partnering with Practice Greenhealth helps us follow best practices as an environmentally sustainable medical center, and also helps us identify opportunities for improvement.

Stony Brook University Hospital is virtually mercury free. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin and developmental toxin. Even at low levels it can impact human health. And healthcare facilities are often a major contributor to emissions of mercury that end up in the air we all breathe. By eliminating mercury, we’ve taken an important step to protect vulnerable populations, like pregnant women and young children, from the damaging effects of mercury pollution. The hospital received the Making Medicine Mercury Free Award, a prestigious national honor from Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (H2E.) H2E is a nonprofit group that works to improve healthcare’s environmental performance. Hospitals that receive this award meet stringent benchmarks for mercury elimination.