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Wide range of Telehealth services

Telehealth enables and improves access to health care services for many different conditions. We offer a wide range of Telehealth services that can be accessed from the safety and privacy of your home.

To see if your needs can be met virtually, please call your Stony Brook health provider’s office.

Note: If you're a Stony Brook healthcare provider and want to receive Telehealth privileges, please contact your department administrator.

Hospital-to-Hospital Telehealth Programs

Stony Brook University Hospital   •   Stony Brook Children’s Hospital   •   Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital   •   Stony Brook Southampton Hospital

In addition to the telehealth services we offer to individuals for a variety of conditions, the Stony Brook Medicine Healthcare System family provides several special telehealth programs that allow medical specialists at our academic medical center in Stony Brook, to “see” patients in more rural locations on the East End.

For example, our Pediatric Telemedicine Program, a first in Suffolk County, helps improve access to specialized emergency and critical care for pediatric patients in need of medical transport from Stony Brook Southampton Hospital to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. And our Quannacut Outpatient Services, a collaboration with Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital and other providers on the East End, offers a confidential video conference option to treat individuals with addiction. These direct, private interactions with a Quannacut provider can be used for an evaluation, counseling session (individual, group or family), and for patient education and medication management. A shared calendar with Stony Brook Southampton Hospital allows for direct referrals to Quannacut Outpatient Services.

Community-focused Specialty Telehealth Programs, too

Some of our Telehealth services are especially noteworthy for how they address the unique needs of the communities we serve across Suffolk County. For example, our Mobile Stroke Unit Program, is designed to provide specialized, life-saving care to people within the critical moments of stroke before they even get to the hospital. This revolutionary pre-hospital process, the first and only one of its kind on Long Island, markedly accelerates the time to make an accurate stroke diagnosis, allows for time-sensitive stroke therapies to be administered earlier, and allows for the transport of stroke patients directly to the most appropriate hospital for the level of care they require, the first time.

Preparing for your Telehealth visit: Helpful Info on What to Expect

Frequently Asked Questions

Telehealth provides our patients with access to our medical providers and their expertise when they’re unable to make an appointment in one of our offices. The appointment with a medical provider is conducted via a video conferencing system.


  • Access to Microsoft Teams (See guide here).
  • A working email address
  • A mobile device, computer or laptop with access to a camera and microphone


Call (631) 444-4233 to schedule an appointment.

Prior to your visit you’ll receive an email with a Microsoft Teams link that will connect you to your Telehealth appointment.


Install Microsoft Teams prior to your visit. This will help to prevent any potential glitches with the system and allows you to begin your appointment on time. Due to technical limitations, online appointments cannot run past their scheduled end time and we would like to make sure that our patients are able to spend the appropriate amount of time with our medical providers.


At this time, we have confirmation from some of our in-network insurance providers and Medicare and Medicaid that Telehealth services using audio/video are covered during the duration of the National Emergency due to COVID-19. Services are covered by some of the payers the same way that in-person visits would be covered typically, meaning that some insurances will have co-pays and or deductible, and these amounts will vary by insurance and plan. Other payers may pay a reduced rate for these services.

As coverage varies widely, it is essential to check with your insurance carrier.


If it’s determined that you need to be seen in-person because your condition meets the criteria defined by state and federal guidelines, the Stony Brook medical provider conducting your Telehealth visit will provide you with the necessary instructions.


Yes. The connection with your Stony Brook medical provider is completely secure and all details pertaining to the visit will be logged into your Electronic Medical Record by your Stony Brook medical provider, the same way they would record the details of an in-person visit.


It is strongly encouraged that you create an account with the Stony Brook Medicine Patient Portal. All or documents from your visit can be accessed there.


  Visit our Patient Portal

MyHealtheLife is a patient portal that provides you with secure, online access to your personal health information at Stony Brook Medicine powered by CernerHealth. The portal permits you to review details of your own health records and medical history, as well as exchange health-related messages with your doctor.

To access our Patient Portal, click here.

For more detailed information on what’s included in the portal, click here.

For technical support, please call 877-621-8014

Find a Doctor

The ever-growing team of physicians at Stony Brook Medicine is currently composed of more than 1,450 generalists and specialists available to serve your every medical need.

For help finding a doctor, call us Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5pm at (631) 444-DOCS (3627)


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We offer several ways for you to connect with the Stony Brook Medicine healthcare provider you are trying to reach.

If you are experiencing a health-related emergency, call 911 immediately. If you need immediate attention from your doctor or clinic, call your doctor’s office directly.


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To see if your needs can be met virtually, please call your physician’s office.

(How to connect to Telehealth)
We provide step by step instructions on how to join your Stony Brook Telehealth medical visit using the Microsoft Teams app