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Stony Brook Telehealth offers a range of educational programs for undergraduates, graduate students and clinicians. Learn from and collaborate with Stony Brook telehealth experts, while applying what you learn to deliver innovative patient care.

Stony Brook Medicine Telehealth Course

Course Title:  Stony Brook Medicine Telehealth 101
Course Title: Telehealth: Docs, Data, and Disruptive Technologies
Faculty: Erin Hulfish, MD 
Course Code:     HTZ035

Description: In the era of disruptive technologies in healthcare, clinicians will reach a new frontier in medical practice. With more data, technology and medical literature than ever before, how will the physician’s role adapt to the changing environment of the greatest reforms in healthcare? This selective will serve to introduce the topics of telehealth and telemedicine and discuss the advances in field as well as the laws, ethics, regulations and the evolving doctor-patient relationship. The course will aim to review the applications of telemedicine and future implications to the practice of medicine.

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Interprofessional Telehealth Board

The Interprofessional Telehealth Board is an academic collaborative composed of representatives from the different health science schools. The group creates educational resources for the healthcare community and develops standards for the practice of telehealth across disciplines, facilitates interprofessional research, creates and suggests interprofessional curricula and explores interprofessional clinical experiences.

For an overview of our innovative Telehealth Interprofessional Education Program — its inception, curricula, and how it's transforming the way our current and future clinicians are using telehealth to provide high quality care and facilitate access to care for our patients — watch this video

Dr. Stacy Jaffee Gropack (email Jessica Rotolo)

Clinical Informatics Bootcamp

Stony Brook Clinical Informatics Bootcamp is a training program targeted to students, residents, and attending physicians, as well as nursing students, nurses, and pharmacists. The course is open at no charge to all at Stony Brook Medicine.