Pediatric Telemedicine Program

Pediatric Telemedicine

Another first in Suffolk County, this program helps improve access to specialized emergency and critical care for pediatric patients in need of medical transport from Stony Brook Southampton Hospital to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. Our dedicated transport team provides fast air and ground transportation for children who need the services of our Level 1 trauma center. Through video connectivity, our pediatric specialists can be videoconferenced in for a consultation in real time with attending clinicians at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, the patient and the patient’s family. Seeing the patient via telemedicine prior to admission, enhances the decision-making process of whether or not the pediatric patient needs to be placed in our Intensive Care Unit. Our specially trained inter-facility Pediatric Telemedicine transport team includes emergency medicine technicians, registered nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics. Improving the transport of the patient in this manner helps lead to fewer interruptions for the family and places their minds at ease, while assuring that the family is getting the best and complete care for their child.