Music Therapist Theresa McManus has worked and provided dedicated service in the Department of Psychiatry for the past 30 years, and has been the Internship Site Supervisor and Clinical Director for Music Therapy students with many colleges and universities in that time.

Recently one of Theresa¹s students, Music Therapy intern Chris Welch, went above and beyond and was able to secure a donation of ukuleles from the Ukuleles for Kids Club, which provides beautiful handcrafted instruments to be utilized for children in hospital settings.

This donation will be utilized for children in Child Psychiatry and on the inpatient Pediatric Unit at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. It will facilitate the continuation of the power of music in the form of providing these beautiful instruments that the children can take home.

Chris’s work with these children, individually and in groups, and their love of music has been a source of comfort, healing, expression and stimulation. His ability to provide a means of empowering these kids to continue their musical development is amazing, and could not have been done without this donation.

Thank to Theresa for her dedication and for her guidance and training, and to Chris, for his initiative in this endeavor. By taking the time and effort to contact this organization and establish this program, they will provide a continued resource for our patients that will have a lasting impact for years to come.