Internal Medicine Residents and Rapid Response Team

Stony Brook Medicine’s community service knows no bounds. It recently extended into New York City for a world-wide event: the New York City Marathon.

Residents and Rapid Response Team members served as volunteers during the event, held in Central Park on the weekend of Nov. 1-2.

The New York City Marathon is the largest annual marathon in the world with over 50,000 runners participating this year. Medical personnel provide care for thousands of runners at medical tents throughout the race.

Working alongside residents, attendings, physical therapists, medical students, athletic trainers and massage therapists from the tri-state area, internal medicine residents represented Stony Brook at the finish line medical tent providing acute care for injured runners.

Stony Brook’s Rapid Response Team members Barbara Mills and Nancy Wichtendahl also ran the intensive care unit (ICU) at the finish line, seeing critically ill runners prior to transport to hospitals.

(Stony Brook internal medicine residents at medical finish line tent P1 are, from left to right: Sean Hsu, Lily Sadri, Christine Garcia, Lindsey Schachter, Kristine Jang and Ayanna Lewis.)