Gayle Doyle


Gayle Doyle, who works as a TH Instructional Support Assistant in the Speech, Language and Hearing Department, began volunteering in 2005 for the Patchogue Neighbor’s Inn church group. It all started when she was informed that the soup kitchen was short-staffed and needed help. Together with her daughter, sister and mother, Gayle has been volunteering at the soup kitchen one Sunday each month for almost 10 years. At first they would cook and serve 120 dinners and clean up. For the past year and a half, Gail served as captain and took over the first Sunday of the month. As captain, Gayle not only cooks and plans the meals; she does all the shopping for the food.“We have so much and it’s good to give back,” Gayle said. “I enjoy it. There have been some people who have been coming here to eat the whole time I’ve been doing this…

 “I wish there wasn’t a need for it, but it is rewarding to know that you’re helping in some small, small fashion,” Gayle said.