Keisha Butler’s kudos for community service have come from all corners, including community and county agencies.

A Staff Assistant II in the Regional Perinatal Center, Keisha was most recently recognized by The First Baptist Church of Riverhead, which presented Keisha with “The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Award” for meritorious service.  As a result of her achievement, the Brookhaven Town Supervisor awarded Keisha with a “Certificate of Congratulations.”

Suffolk County Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory also awarded Keisha with the Suffolk County Legislature’s proclamation for her community activism. She serves as President of Connections, a parent outreach group at the Boys and Girls Club of the Bellport area. "There’s a family support service, a keystone club, a leadership for teens 13-19 designed to develop good character and help them grow, and a safety swim program,” she says.

Keisha also volunteers for the March of Dimes, has participated in the Bellport Double Dutch fundraiser event, and has raised funds for the Bellport Varsity Football team. She is a mentor with employee assistance, offering resume development, sharing information about employment opportunities and character building to help community members with their professional growth. 

She also helps with the upkeep of the Bellport Community Garden funded by a grant from Stony Brook Family Medicine for the community to plant vegetables.

“It’s just rewarding for me,” Keisha says. “I’ve always been the type to reach out and help where needed. I do have two children and I try to get them involved also. We all support each other.

"You really don’t think of being recognized for it because it’s like second nature for me.”