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Quality Recognition Awarded by ASGE

Stony Brook Medicine’s Endoscopy Unit has been awarded continued recognition by the American Society of Gastroenterology Quality Endoscopy (ASGE) as a unit committed to delivering quality and safety in endoscopy since 2008. The ASGE’s Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program honors units that have demonstrated dedication to quality improvement and places our organization and staff at the forefront of integrating quality, safety and efficiency into clinical practice.
Under the leadership of Kelly Hinlicky, RN, Nurse Manager for Endoscopy, and Lionel S. D’Souza, MD, Director of Endoscopy, and Olga C. Aroniadis, MD, MSc, FACG, Chief, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, the endoscopy unit has maintained policies, credentialing, staff training, competency assessment and quality improvement activities in order to be eligible for this award.
This recognition allows us to use the ASGE “Quality Star” logo. The nationally recognized star is granted to programs that meet the ASGE rigorous criteria. The quality star informs our patients, referring physicians, surveyors and others that we are committed to the highest standards of quality care related to endoscopy. This award distinguishes the entire interdisciplinary team and all the services that support that team together as providing the highest standards of endoscopy care.

To learn more about ASGE and its Recognition Program: ASGE FAQs.


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