Advanced GI Procedure: POEM

The Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Stony Brook Medicine continues to expand its minimally invasive interventional endoscopy program.

Lionel S. D’Souza, MD, Chief of Endoscopy, was the first physician in Suffolk County to perform the POEM procedure. The term POEM is an easy way to remember: PerOral Endoscopic Myotomy. POEM offers patients the most advanced treatment alternative to traditional surgery for certain gastrointestinal conditions, including achalasia.  

POEM is a minimally invasive procedure to permanently open up various malfunctioning sphincters (a ring of muscle) in the body. The most common sphincter for which this procedure is used is the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) in a disease called achalasia. POEM provides long-term relief of symptoms in achalasia, which is a rare, potentially debilitating swallowing disorder that makes it hard or impossible for food and drink to enter your stomach.

For more information from Dr. Lionel D'Souza about the POEM Procedure:

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