Stony Brook Heights Rooftop Micro-Farm

About the Farm

Stony Brook Heights is an innovative micro-farm located on the third floor deck of the Health Science Center at Stony Brook Medicine. The farm boasts 36 raised beds, allowing for 2,242 square feet of gardening space to be filled with an array of colorful, fresh, organic vegetables and herbs. The farm yields around 1,500 pounds of produce each growing season. With a “farm to bedside” concept, the farm utilizes organic gardening methods to produce an abundance of vegetables and herbs, which are then used to supplement patient meals at Stony Brook Medicine. The Hospital kitchen serves between 1,800 and 2,000 individual meals per day, sharing the bounty of the farm with patients, and the wholesome nutrition that comes with it. While the Nutrition Division manages Stony Brook Heights, a largely student volunteer corps helps the farm to flourish. With the additional produce over the years, we have been able to donate produce weekly to the Stony Brook University student food pantry, Stony Brook Home (a free student-run clinic), Stony Brook WIC program, and Hope House Ministries in Port Jefferson.

Rooftop Garden

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