Inpatient Services

Our division is involved in delivering care over a wide spectrum of inpatient services from our MICU, to our ICU consult service, Intermediate & Respiratory Care Units, and through subspecialty pulmonary and critical care consultation. 

Our Medical Intensive Care Unit is comprised of two 10-bed high acuity, high intensity units staffed by our dually board-certified Pulmonary and Critical Care Intensivists, Pulmonary and Critical Care fellows and Internal Medicine residents, who are all committed to caring for the sickest patients in the hospital. The unit is run under a closed model of care; allowing the Intensivists to provide the most current, advanced evidence-based critical care medical services to patients with life threatening illnesses, while coordinating recommendations among various consultants. We are at the forefront of innovation in advanced diagnostic and treatment technology, boasting a robust bedside pulmonary and critical care ultrasonography program, advanced procedure service and bedside percutaneous tracheostomy program. The MICU team also consists of highly specially trained and dedicated nurses, Critical Care Pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers, and respiratory therapists. It is this concerted, multidisciplinary effort by these highly skilled individuals that enables us to deliver the very best care to the most complex patient population in the hospital.

Our Critical Care Consult Service provides emergent consultation, stabilization and management of patients in our Emergency Department and hospital who require ICU level care. The ICU Consult Service works closely with cardiologists in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and with the hospital’s Rapid Response Team, providing high intensity care outside the ICU setting through use of the Modified Early Warning Score system (MEWS) which preemptively identifies patients that are high risk for organ failure who may need ICU transfer. Our goal is to help identify and treat at risk patient populations early in order to prevent deterioration that results in organ failure and thus obviate the need for life support and ICU transfer altogether. 

Our Pulmonary Consult Service delivers comprehensive care to patients suffering from various lung and respiratory disorders throughout the hospital. With the Hospitalist, the service co-manages chronically critically ill patients in the Intermediate and Respiratory Care Unit along with those who require chronic ventilator support outside of the ICU setting. The Pulmonary Service helps ensure the seamless transition of patients upon transfer from the intensive care unit preserving continuity of care through a patient’s hospital stay.