Stony Brook Maternal-Fetal Medicine provides unparalleled care and compassion for women with high-risk pregnancies. We specialize in caring for women with preexistent medical disorders and obstetrical or fetal complications. Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Stony Brook provides care for women who are pregnant with twins, or higher order of multiples, as well as those with a history of pregnancy loss or other problems during pregnancy.

Stony Brook Maternal-Fetal Medicine understands the fetus as a patient and provides a multidisciplinary approach to the management of complicated maternal and fetal conditions. Obstetric Anesthesiologists are available “around the clock” in the labor and delivery unit at Stony Brook. Neonatologists, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Surgery, and a host of other medical specialists work together to care for mother and baby at Stony Brook.

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 Maternal-Fetal Medicine services at Stony Brook University Hospital include:


  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Fetal demise (stillbirth)
  • Known existence of acquired or genetic thrombophilia (coagulation disorder)
  • Cervical insufficiency
  • History of premature rupture of membranes between 24 and 36 weeks gestation


  • General pregnancy assessment
  • First-trimester genetic ultrasound
    • Nuchal translucency and nasal bone
    • Ductus venosus Doppler
  • Targeted fetal anatomical ultrasound
  • Fetal biophysical profile (assessment of fetal well-being)
  • Uteroplacental Doppler assessment
  • Fetal Echocardiography (detailed assessment of the fetal heart)


  • Fetal infections
  • Fetal intrauterine intravascular transfusion / fetal blood sampling
  • Amniotic fluid removal
  • Management of early-onset fetal growth restriction


  • Chorionic villous sampling (CVS)
  • Amniocentesis 
  • Fetal blood sampling


  • Chromosomal defects
  • Gene disorders
  • Fetal anatomical / structural defects


  • Women with family history of genetic conditions
  • Women with abnormal genetic screening tests


  • Hypertensive disorders
    • Chronic hypertension
    • Preeclampsia
  • Diabetes
    • Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)
    • Pre-gestational or diabetes prior to pregnancy
    • Nutritional counseling
    • Glucose lowering agents: metformin, insulin  
  • Immunologic and autoimmune disorders in pregnancy
  • Renal disorders in pregnancy
  • Thyroid disorders in pregnancy
  • Maternal cardiac disorders
  • Preterm labor and preterm delivery
  • History of child with growth restriction or low birth weight baby in previous pregnancy
  • Placenta abruption in previous pregnancy
  • Premature rupture of membranes in previous pregnancy
  • Management of twin / triplet / quadruplet pregnancies


  • Maternal Opioid Management Support (MOMS) for opioid use in pregnancy
  • Smoking cessation counseling
  • Maternal social work services
  • Polysubstance use management in pregnancy
  • Medication exposure counseling


We also provide counseling and support for many other maternal and fetal conditions

Stony Brook University Associates in Obstetrics & Gynecology is offering Telehealth services which will allow our patients to receive our high-quality care from the safety and privacy of their home.

To see if your Ob/Gyn needs can be met virtually, please call us at (631) 444-4686.

If you have already booked a Telehealth visit and have questions about connecting to Microsoft Teams for your visit, please call one of our representatives at (631) 638-0597 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. They will be happy to assist you. If you require support outside of these hours, please visit