Dear Goldie,

I honestly cannot say that thank you is enough for how I feel.  I am truly grateful that you believed in me and my baby to get my VBAC. I wanted to believe I could do it, but as you know there were many moments throughout labor that I questioned myself.  Thank you for never giving up on me, for giving me the strength to take it moment by moment and helping me to get through it.  You are such an amazing person and an even more amazing Midwife. A million times thank you. You will always hold a special place in my heart.


Dear Goldie,

Words cannot accurately express my feelings of gratitude towards you after the birth of my son Thomas Robert. I’m sure that being a Saturday night and I think you were not feeling well…..there were probably a million other places you’d rather be…yet the care you gave me was above and beyond exceptional. Unfortunately my attempted VBAC didn’t go the way I thought it might.  However given the circumstances failure to descend, cord around the neck, decels in the heart rate, unexplained bleeding, persistent OP presentation, did I miss anything?

Things turned out absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you so very much….your talent, kindness and patience are much to be spoken of and you are an asset to the SBU Midwives.

 Jannine C.

Dear Dr. Altman,

Thank you so much for your absolute support during the birth of our daughter. We can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate how safe & sacred the entire process felt. It was exactly how we had hoped. Thank you again for everthing!!!

William, Daniela & Viola

To our wonderful Midwife,

Heather, you are wonderful!!! Your patience at our birth helped make it what it was... a happy... empowering birth. To your experience... you are one of a kind and I want you to know how you have touched our lives.... You bring wonderful things to women's health care... Keep doing what you do. Thanks again for the support and inspiration..

Love, Eva, Dave, & Artemis

My name is Paula and I am a patient at the Islip Terrace office. I just needed to send a note of gratitude for the service you provide to expectant moms. I had two amazing births with the midwives. Choosing your group was the best decision I could have made for both myself and my children. Considering all of the
complications and fears many of my girlfriends experienced throughout their pregnancies and births, I am so grateful that my two pregnancies went without incident and that both births were simply beautiful experiences. No interventions. No complications.

Thank you so much for your competence and compassion. Maybe we'll do it again sometime!


Dearest Chris,

I must take the time to thank you and all of the wonderful midwives in your practice. I had been a GYN patient in Setauket for years and when I found out that I was pregnant I was happy to continue at that location. At my first pre-natal visit the midwife practice was offered to me, and I must admit I was tentative. Like many others I’ve spoken to, I was not well versed on midwifery. I assumed that I would be having the baby at home in the tub, or perhaps the couch, with my husband in the kitchen getting warm water and towels, while UPS was ringing the doorbell! Of course, it was nothing like that.

It didn’t take long to feel comfortable. I went to two “meet the midwives” sessions (once with my mom, once with my husband). There, I was able to hear all the midwives speak; see their faces; ask them questions. The tour of the hospital was fantastic. We certainly learned a lot. All of it came in handy when I went into labor and we got to Stony Brook at 3:00am. Honestly, from where to park, to how to raise the volume on the TV in the labor room!

I was in labor over 30 hours, most of which was spent at the hospital. Goldie helped me over the phone, when labor started at home. You helped me when I first got there. Susan was on shift next and helped me through half a day. Then Marie (wonderful, sweet, patient Marie) was there to help deliver my baby. You came to visit me the following afternoon in my hospital bed and Susan called me after discharge, that first week at home to see how I was feeling.

The experience couldn’t have been better and we owe it all to you and the wonderful ladies of the practice. In our health care experiences, my husband and I both consider the level of caring and understanding unmatchable.

We love being parents. It is more amazing then we could have ever imagined. When we think back on this time, we will fondly think of you and the women that were there for us along the way.

With tears of joy

Dear Midwives,

Words cannot describe our sincere gratitude for all you have done throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery. You truly are "gems" of the medical profession and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.I am extremely grateful for you continued support and encouragement during a grueling 44 hour labor-helping me (us) to remain as positive as was possible. I am also so very thankful for you care and compassionate handling of my "special needs." You truly treat the "whole" person.

The staff at Stony Brook was exceptional. I met many of the staff during my 4-day stay and every person I encountered was equally terrific. The staff at your Islip office is also exceptional. Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I look forward to a long relationship with you and your practice.

Yours truly,
Jodi & Tom

Dear Stony Brook Midwives and StaffThank you so much for your outstanding care and kindness. A special thanks goes to Marie and Careen for helping me to deliver a beautiful and healthy Baby Girl! May God Bless you all!

Ed & Heidi

Dear Christine,

We just wanted to thank you so much for all you did for us as we brought Maggie into this world last Thursday. Having met with you throughout the last ten months we felt very comfortable and educated going into the delivery process. Thank you so much for checking up on Maggie after we returned home, and as you know, everything worked out well. Very few professionals take the time to invest in their patients or clients, and that is why the Stony Brook CNM program is so special.

Best wishes always,
Sean, Laura and Maggie

Letters from Doulas

Dear Chris, I want to thank all of you for referring patients to me. It is a true calling for me and each birth teaches me something It is a pleasure working with each one of you and I always look forward to a birth at Stony Brook. All of you have taught me so much and it gives me great joy to share that information with OBs and nurses who tend to stick to routine. I've had the best results with my husband who used to say, "That's impossible." How great is that? He will even ask me if I have any new tricks in my bag! I think it's wonderful that he and other OBs have confidence in me and accept me as part of the team that helps women birth. I owe it all to you.I know that you are working hard to set up a doula service at the hospital and I hope that you let me know when it is going. I don't want to give up my association with you. I still want to be able to do volunteer work with the patients from Planned Parenthood. In fact, I do have a mom due soon from Riverhead. I have had the opportunity to educate women about midwives and clear up some misconceptions they have. In fact, whenever the situation arises, I will refer a woman to you. It's amazing that the general public still thinks that all you do is deliver babies. My wish for you is that you all have wonderful births that you get rest and you stay well. We need you!

With great affection and in the Doula Spirit,

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