Childbirth and Hypnobirthing Instructors

Childbirth Instructors
(ALACE, ICEA, New Concepts)

Instructor Telephone Numbers Location/Email
Wendi Andria, RNC, CCE, Lactation Only (631) 707-6598

East Islip, NY or Private

Kelly W. Vittoria, CCE, IBCLC (631) 252-5669 Center Moriches, NY

Laura Siddons, Lead Educator
The Nesting Place

(631) 318-3382

Farmingdale, Yapank, and Merrick, NY

Hypnobirthing Instructors

Maria Lovell Bune (631) 455-2542  
Carol Denicker Northport: 631-757-7647
Holbrook: 631-737-1510
Hypnosis With Natural Childbirth
Jennifer Scarlatos (516) 978-4845 East Setauket
Michelle Stylianou (631) 943-6760  
Debi Tracy (516) 351-7792 Huntington, NY

Hypnobabies Instructors

Carol Denicker 
NGH Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Master Instructor
North Shore Hypnosis

(888) 828-4934

Shanon McKenna CD, HCHI, HCHD, M.S. Ed.   (516) 551-4283
Jessica Santangelo, PhD, HCHI (607) 280-4559 

Some instructors will give private classes at your convenience.

Disclaimer: Since we do not have personal experience with all of the above named individuals. We recommend you interview and check credentials and experience level before hiring a Childbirth Educator. Use your own best judgment.

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