Substance Use

During times of severe stress, drug and alcohol use may seem like an effective way to cope with or escape from intense emotions. Though substance use may help feelings of distress in the short term, it can contribute to greater difficulty in the long term, especially for those with a personal or family history of substance use disorder. Substance use may limit your ability to respond effectively to your current responsibilities, and to cope with emotional distress. Developing effective coping strategies during this time can be difficult, but there are many resources available. Practicing relaxation and mindfulness techniques and general self-care can help lessen the stress that may be contributing to increased substance use.

If you’re already working with a mental health provider and have noticed that you’re using drugs and alcohol to cope with the current crisis, speak to them about any increased use or urges to use drugs or alcohol. Stony Brook Addiction Psychiatry Services, which features a team of specialists who evaluate, diagnose and treat people who have one or more substance use disorders is now offering Telehealth services as an option for future appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic. To see if your needs can be met virtually, please call (631) 444-2599. To learn more about how to prepare for a Telehealth visit, click here

See additional resources listed below.

Many Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups are now available online

Credentialed LICADD clinicians struggling with substance use disorders (SUD) and their family members are available to provide live counsel 24/7. Secure video counseling sessions also available.

  • Family Service League DASH Program
    (631) 952-3333
    DASH (Diagnostic Assessment and Stabilization Hub) is a volunteer program, which is part of the Suffolk County Collaborative. It's available to Suffolk residents who struggle with mental health and substance use disorders. Services include assessments, counseling, and care management. Mobile services also available.