Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program

If this is a psychiatric emergency call our 24-hour psychiatric emergency room at (631) 444-6050.

The Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program provides emergency psychiatric services to people in urgent need of psychiatric evaluation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. After patients are screened for medical complications, they receive a psychiatric evaluation. Those in need of on-going care are referred to mental health services in the community, while patients who require hospitalization are admitted to the hospital or transferred to psychiatric units throughout the county. Patients who require extended observation to complete their evaluation may be admitted to CPEP for up to 72 hours.

CPEP is staffed by specially trained physicians, nurses, social workers and other staff who are committed to providing the best emergency care to each patient. The first concern of the CPEP staff is to provide a safe and secure environment for our patients. The physical environment, which is locked, is designed to prevent patients from harming themselves or being harmed by others. A separate area is provided for young patients.

In general, full evaluations will involve a comprehensive interview of the patient. Additional information is obtained from accompanying persons. In some situations, the evaluation may also include laboratory tests, X-rays and/or consultations with other hospital physicians. If the patient gives permission, other relatives and/or outside treatment providers are contacted by phone.

In order to preserve the confidentiality of the patients, visitors are generally not permitted within the unit. In addition, information about the patient is generally only made available with the patient's permission for purposes of maintaining the patient's right to confidentiality. There are no patient telephones in the unit, so communication with the patient is only possible by using unit telephones with the assistance of staff.

Patients who are present for extended periods will have meals and snacks provided by the hospital. No outside food is permitted but accommodations will be made for special diets and needs.

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