Adult Inpatient Unit


Stony Brook University Hospital operates a self-contained thirty-bed unit designed for adult patients, including geriatric patients, with a variety of psychiatric and behavioral problems, including depression, manic depressive illness, schizophrenia, as well as severe anxiety disorders. Most patients are admitted to this unit via the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program [CPEP], or are referred from the psychiatric consultation service in the general hospital.

treatment goals

Every patient is cared for by a multi-disciplinary team of qualified health care practitioners consisting of attending and resident psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, mental health technicians, occupational therapists, activity therapists, and social workers. As we are a teaching hospital, patients may be in contact with students training in various health professions such as medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, as well as occupational, music, and recreational therapies who occasionally assist in assessment and treatment. The nursing staff is available 24 hours a day for one-to-one support and counseling.

Successful treatment begins with a complete and accurate assessment, which leads to an individualized plan of treatment that will be most helpful and tailored to the specific needs of the individual. A complete medical evaluation including laboratory tests is done. If specific medical problems arise, consultation with other specialties in the hospital, such as internal medicine and neurology, will be made.

The diagnosis and treatment plan are explained to the patient and family. We believe that treatment is ideally a cooperative effort uniting the patient, family members, and professional staff. Treatment commonly includes psychiatric medications. Such medications may be used to correct chemical imbalances, help regulate mood, or bring psychotic symptoms under control. Electroconvulsive therapy is available for patients with specific needs.

Daily group therapies are offered as an essential element of every patient's treatment and recovery. Therapy groups are offered such as arts and crafts, stress reduction, goal-setting, self-care, health education, medication education, problem-solving, recreation, and discussion groups. Specialty groups teach self-respect, assertiveness, and nurturing one's self. Socialization within the unit by dining together and participating in recreational group activities is encouraged.

family involvement

An important aspect of our delivery of care is our approach to family involvement. We emphasize psychoeducation, a process in which family members learn facts about the illness. This knowledge facilitates realistic expectations for the patient's future and helps family members develop effective ways of interacting. Psychoeducation attempts to enhance the patient's recovery and reduce the risk that symptoms will return, while minimizing the impact of the illness on the family. To the same end, a weekly family support groups is conducted by a unit social worker. This meeting allows families to share their experiences, ask questions, and air their feelings. These groups help families feel less alone and find fellowship with others who are facing similar situations.

discharge planning

Discharge planning is often complex. We arrive at discharge plans in a collaborative fashion between the multi-disciplinary team and the patient in order to assure a smooth transition from the hospital. We insure that the family and community agencies are also actively involved. We maintain a relationship with the Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program of Suffolk County. Written follow-up care recommendations are provided and we endeavor to assure that our patients continue their recommended course of follow-up care. Our typical hospital stay is intended to be brief, and the focus is on maximizing the individual's quality of life with return to community living.


Admissions to the Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Unit are based on physician orders. Contact our psychaitric emergency program at 631-444-6050 for more information.

If this is a psychiatric emergency call our 24-hour psychiatric emergency room at 631-444-6050.