At the Surgery Center

From the moment you arrive at the Stony Brook University Medical Center Ambulatory Surgery Center your comfort and care is our primary concern. Upon arrival, please present yourself to the receptionist. After attending to any paperwork and billing you will begin the admitting procedure. This procedure will involve changing into the appropriate clothing, and having your blood pressure, temperature, history, etc. taken. You will be assigned a small room where you and a family member can sit comfortably while waiting for the surgery. (Please limit your guests to one if possible.) In this room you will be visited by an anesthesiologist who will check your history and lab work. The anesthesiologist will offer the choices of anesthesia, answer any questions you may have and do whatever he or she can to make your visit safe and comfortable. You may then wait a little longer in this room until it is time to go into the operating room. Most of our patients will walk themselves unsedated into the operating room. Generally, the intravenous will be started once inside the operating room. Clearly there will be some exceptions to this standard.


(Children will be catered to very differently. Please see the Your Child section.)