The Night Before Surgery

You may have received instructions from us or your surgeon pertaining to the night before surgery. These instructions may have contained specific information about fasting, what time to be at the Center and other guidelines you may need to follow. We will nevertheless make every effort to contact every patient personally the day before surgery. This call is intended to help us better prepare for your visit, and to help you be prepared for your stay.

During this call, we may ask a routine set of questions. You will be given instructions as to where and when to be at the Center, what to wear, what medications to take and what other arrangements you need to make. You will be given ample opportunity to ask any questions or make any requests at that time.

Please take note of the following important preoperative guidelines for the night before surgery. If you regularly take medications, we generally expect you to continue taking these medications unless indicated otherwise by your surgeon or anesthesiologist. Do not hesitate to call regarding this matter if you have any doubt. Please bring all your medications with you on the day of surgery. If you notice any recent change in your health, particularly fever, colds, etc., please notify your surgeon and the Center as soon as possible. Should you be undergoing a gynecological procedure only and you commence menstruating, please contact your surgeon or the Center as this may delay your surgery.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible.

If the patient is a minor, at least one parent/guardian needs to remain on the premises at all times and must accompany the child home.

Patients will not be allowed to drive, walk or take public transportation following sedation or anesthesia. Please make the appropriate arrangements. If you have been given general anesthesia, please make arrangements for a companion to be with you for at least twelve hours after the surgery.

Please feel free to have a hearty dinner and to eat and drink normally the night before surgery. You will receive specific instructions regarding fasting for surgery. Some patients believe that if they exaggerate the fasting procedures they will increase their safety. This perception is incorrect and we far prefer the fasting period be minimized. Please refer to the anesthesia section in this Do not hesitate to call us for clarification about this matter.

In addition to the instructions above, please remove all body piercings before leaving home. Remove contact lenses at home and rather wear eye glasses. Please do not wear any jewelry at all.