Early Preparation

Generally, your surgeon will schedule your surgery with the Center a few days or weeks in advance. There are various procedures which need to be completed before the day of surgery. The surgeon will need to complete a medical history and physical examination which tells us about your medical conditions. The surgeon may do that at the time you are seen in his or her office or the surgeon may send you to your internist or primary physician. Another option is that your surgeon may send you to our pre-admission clinic. In any event, every patient must have a history and physical examination prior to surgery. There are accepted standards of what else we may be required besides a basic history and physical. Some patients may require blood testing before the surgery while others may require an EKG or chest x-ray. These tests need to be completed in advance of the surgery so that the results can be reviewed before the day of surgery. A pre-admission clinic is housed at the Ambulatory Surgery Center; your surgeon may choose to send you to our clinic, if it is appropriate.

Some patients may request a tour of the facility and we will certainly accommodate those who wish to visit before the day of surgery. This may be particularly useful for children who will be having surgery. A relaxed visit for a child and his or her family well in advance of surgery can be useful in minimizing fears. We aim to make these preoperative visits brief and convenient for the child and family. We will work hard to welcome the child and make him or her comfortable and less anxious about surgery.

During this period, the billing department will handle getting approvals for your surgery. They may contact you for help with this process. Many patients will choose to come into the Center for the preregistration, which will include the registration forms, billing arrangements and any other paper work we will need. This helps makes your day of surgery go more smoothly. We strongly encourage a visit at your convenience to complete all the paperwork rather than leaving it to the morning of surgery. There is a link on this web site to give you more information about billing. You may also download some of our forms should you wish to fill them out at home.

A nurse from our Center will contact you the day before surgery to assess any specific needs and concerns. The nurse will provide instructions and answer any questions you may have. If we cannot reach you by phone, or if you choose to contact us the day before surgery, please call 631.444.9400.