The Morning of Surgery

If you do not feel well on the day of surgery, please call your surgeon and the Center as early as possible. This can aid in the decision process well in advance of the surgery. You may take a shower or bath, brush your teeth, etc. Please do not use make-up, hair spray, nail polish or toiletries as these may affect the anesthesia monitoring and hide clinical signs from the anesthesiologist.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing including low-heeled, comfortable shoes. Shirts or blouses with buttons down the front are usually best. Your clothing should be able to be stored in a garment bag or locked compartment. When you arrive, we will provide you with operating room pajamas, robe and slippers to wear during your visit.

Please leave all jewelry and other valuables at home for safekeeping.

If you wear contact lenses, eyeglasses or dentures, please bring the appropriate storage case(s) for their protection.

If you normally use any equipment or device for assistance such as a walker or crutches please bring it with you. Please do not hesitate to notify us in advance of any special need you may have in getting from your car to the Center or any other special need you may have in the Center. (See special needs section in this website.)

Please bring your insurance identification cards, completed patient data form if possible, your driver's license for identification and any other billing-related paperwork. You may also have been notified to bring some form of payment.

Please arrive on time (or early) for your appointment. Our aim is to minimize every patient's wait before surgery. Your cooperation in this matter will help us attain this goal.

Please bring any medication that you take. This includes medication that you take occasionally such as asthma medications. Generally we request that you take most medications of the morning of surgery. Some medications will be stopped for the surgery, particularly diabetes medication and blood thinners. The medications will be given to the patient as soon as food can be tolerated after the procedure. Please bring all medication.