Pre-Surgery Tour

The Ambulatory Surgery Center will offer informal preoperative visits for the child between the ages of 2 - 18 years. We encourage the family to participate in the tour. These tours are one of the best tools to prepare the whole family unit for the upcoming surgery. Our goal is to introduce the child in a non-threatening manner to our facility and personnel. Our team will try to show the child most of the things he/she will see on the day of surgery. The children will be encouraged to see and touch the monitoring equipment and anesthesia masks. We will answer any questions you or your child may have. We will attempt to make this a quick, friendly visit. We strongly encourage you to make use of this wonderful program. Touring the Center will be very useful in preparing your child.
We have found that these tours are most successful if they are informal, warm, and short. Every attempt will be made to minimize your wait and duration of your visit. Most children will have had fun and will look forward to returning.

Tours will be offered to your child prior to surgery. Please call 631.444.9400 to schedule an appointment to tour our Center.

Another useful tool to help prepare your child is our Pre-Surgical Coloring Book.