Scheduling: Block Booking

We encourage the use of "block time." It helps us to optimize our O.R. time and clearly is the most efficient use of a surgeon's time. We expect to amply accommodate those surgeons who choose not to use the block booking method. We will also try to accommodate add-ons and last minute needs.

Block booking time is available to any surgeon on our staff. Even though you have a block of time we still require that you book these patients with us at least 14 days in advance so that the billing people can get any necessary approvals completed in a timely fashion. At this time, we have chosen a random cutoff period being ten (10) days before the scheduled block where any of your unused time could be offered to other surgeons to use. (i.e. We have the right remove the "unbooked" time from you ten days before your block date.) Please note that if you cancel a patient in your block time you do not have an automatic right to your canceled time. We appreciate every case, but will not allow phantom bookings, etc.

We will try very hard to meet your demands for block time, but in return we will demand reasonable utilization of this time. "USE IT OR LOSE IT!" We will closely monitor your utilization of your block time. Your block time may be expanded if you need it. On the other hand, if you are underutilizing your time we will contact you. After discussion with you we will adjust your time.