Scheduling: Booking Procedure

Bookings should be made two weeks in advance wherever possible. Bookings for surgery and pre operative service appointments can be made by a single call to our scheduler at the Ambulatory Center at 631.444.9431. We encourage faxing of your bookings at 631.444.6452. We can supply you with the appropriate fax form, or you can download one from the Download Forms section in this website. Our booking hours are 8.30 - 5.00 p.m. Please remember that ASA 1 and ASA 2 patients may be scheduled without a PAT appointment if you choose to do so. They are however welcome to be seen in the PAT clinic if that is your choice. ASA 3 cases must be seen at our PAT clinic. They will need to be approved for "geographically separate" ambulatory surgery as opposed to "hospital based" ambulatory surgery. (See section on Case Selection)

Authorization for surgery is the responsibility of the physician's office. This needs to be provided to the scheduler at least 5 days prior to the surgery. Lack of authorization may result in postponement of the surgery.

We will adjust your time.