Retinal Diseases

   Khurram Chaudhary, MD

 Patricia Pahk, MD

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The Retina/Vitreous service at Stony Brook provides a comprehensive, consultative medical and surgical care. It specializes in the repair of simple and complicated retinal detachments, complications of cataract surgery, macular holes and other surgical conditions. Advanced surgical techniques including silicone oil, perfluorocarbon liquids and expansile gases are routinely used in surgical repairs.

The service is particularly equipped to treat the ocular complications of diabetes, with laser and vitreous surgery. The service also provides the latest in the treatment of Age Related Macular Degeneration utilizing Photodynamic therapy and Transpupillary thermal Laser therapy. Advanced diagnostic retinal imaging is routinely performed to accurately define and treat patients harboring the disease.

Other retinal and vitreous problems managed by the service include intraocular inflammation, herediatary disorders and ocular complications of AIDS.