General Information

Ophthalmology Office Hours
How To Make An Appointment
Visit Check List
What To Expect During Your Visit
Insurance and Billing Issues

Ophthalmology Outpatient Office Hours Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

A member of our staff is always available for emergencies. During weekday office hours , please contact us at our Tech Park office. On weekends, evenings and holidays please call the answering service at the number shown below. Emergencies that require immediate attention should proceed directly to the University Hospital Emergency Room. Directions to University Hospital emergency room are provided for your information.
Daytime, Weekdays 631.444.4090
Weekends, Evenings, Holidays 631.444.1110
University Hospital Emergency Room 631.444.2450

How To Make An Appointment
  • To make an appointment please call: 631.444.4090
  • Please be prepared to provide our staff with the following information so that we may allocate sufficient time for the type of visit and schedule you with the appropriate physician.
  • A brief description of the main problem. Is this a routine visit, an emergency or urgent (within 48 hours) problem? Are you a new patient or is this a followup visit? The name of the referring physician. The name of the physician you wish to see. If you do not have the name of specific member of our group, our staff can suggest the most appropriate specialist based on the nature of your complaint.
  • Please have your insurance information handy when you call. Although we are members of most of the managed care panels, you should confirm that we participate in your insurance carrier panel of physicians. If your insurance carrier requires an authorization or referral, it is patient's responsibility to obtain proper authorization prior to your visit.

Preparation Checklist

In order to make the most of your appointment we suggest that you bring the following items with you:

    • Copies of medical records, imaging studies (CT, MRI) or lab tests.
    • Do not forget to bring your glasses for near and distance.
    • For your convenience, you can register on the Patient Portal before your appointment. Completing this information on the Patient Portal before you arrive will shorten your visit time.
    • Otherwise, please provide a written summary of your medical history list of medications, allergies and your symptoms.
    • The names, addresses and phone numbers of all physicians with whom you wish us to communicate with.
    • Your insurance information or Medicare card.
    • University Hospital plastic ID card or Medical Record Number, if known. Most new patients and some follow-up patients with certain types of problems may need to be dilated for a complete examination.

      Dilation of the pupils will make you sensitive to light and blur your vision at near for several hours. Some patients find it difficult to work, read or drive and thus you may need someone to accompany you.

  • A referral or written authorization, if required by your insurance company.
  • Certain managed care plans do not cover routine visits for minor problems such as blurring from uncorrected refractive errors (i.e. glasses). Unless your policy specifically covers Vision Care you may be responsible for payment. Again, it is best to check with your carrier to be certain.


What To Expect During Your Visit
  • When you arrive please check in at the front desk to notify the staff of your arrival. If you are a new patient you may wish to arrive 15 minutes early in order to register in our information system and see our billing office to make sure that you have proper authorization.
  • Obtaining referrals and authorizations for treatment from your referring physician or insurance carrier prior to receiving care is a shared responsibility. Without the proper referral your company may not reimburse your for the visit.
  • We will ask you fill out a New Patient Information Form giving us some basic information about your medical history, allergies and medications. You can save time by printing this form out and filling it out before you arrive.
  • You will be called in by one of our ophthalmic technicians, highly trained professional assistants, who will obtain some basic screening data and measurements for the physician to review. The physician will then see you.
  • The time necessary for an examination varies considerably depending on the complexity of the problem, the need for additional testing and the need to dilate the pupils. Dilation involves the instillation of drops which usually require 15-30 minutes before the pupils are dilated. As a new patient you should plan on at least 1 - 1.5 hours. Followup visits and normal exams usually take less time.

Insurance and Billing Issues
  • In general, commercial insurance and Point of Service plans do not require prior approvals; however, many managed care companies require written authorizations either from the company or your primary care physician before seeing an ophthalmologist or undergoing any sort of medical procedure. Please check with your primary care physician or insurance carrier to determine whether you require a referral. It is the responsibility of each patient to obtain any referrals/authorizations prior to his/her visit. If you require such authorization, you must have a copy of a written authorization at the time of service.
  • Patients are responsible for co-payments at the time of the office visit. In addition patients will be responsible for any deductibles and payments for services that are not covered by the insurance plan(s) and services that the insurance company deems to be "not medically necessary."
  • Many insurance companies do not cover routine visits, unless your plan has a vision care rider. You should check with your insurance company to see if your plan will cover your visit in these cases. If, after checking with your insurance carrier, there are any questions concerning billing, fees or authorizations please call….Julie Browne at 631.444.4092.