Trabeculectomy with Antimetabolites

  • The success of trabeculectomy in an eye with prior surgery - either prior cataract or glaucoma surgery - is much lower than in a patient without prior eye surgery. Frequently, the success of such complicated surgery may be less than 50%. Failure is due to postoperative scarring.
  • Antimetabolite medications prevent postoperative scarring. They have been shown to essential towards improving the success of glaucoma surgery in these complicated eyes. They require special care to avoid their increased risks of surgery. Antimetabolites are used topically during surgery or given as postoperative injections, at the discretion of the surgeon. With these medications, surgical success can be increased to almost 75-80%.
  • The Glaucoma Center specializes in the use of these potent medications and the special needs for this procedure. All surgery is performed through the Ambulatory Surgery Unit at University Hospital under local anesthesia. The procedure using lasts for one hour. Postoperative restrictions are similar to those for trabeculectomy.
  • More patients have this procedure done at the Glaucoma Center than at any other site in Suffolk County.