Glaucoma Following Eye Surgery

  • Glaucoma can frequently complicate eye surgery such as cataract surgery, scleral buckle surgery, corneal transplant operations, and vitrectomy.
  • These tend to be difficult diseases to treat as the glaucoma must be controlled along with the healing of the eye after surgery.
  • Newer techniques, such as the use of antimetabolites, have evolved which greatly improve the success of glaucoma care as compared to older methods.
  • The Glaucoma Center offers the opportunity to coordinate eye care among the subspeciality services in ophthalmology. For example, care for glaucoma after vitrectomy can be coordinated between the Gglacuoma Center and the Retina Service.
  • These forms of glaucoma are particularly difficult to treat in order to prevent blindness. The key to successful therapy is aggressive management and coordination of care.