Voice of the patient

“[My doctor] is a fantastic doctor, this was a check up and I was so happy to let him know that the operation was successful. I truly have a big part of my life back and I owe that to his expertise, compassion (as an LGBT person), inclusivity and overall professionalism.”

“My nurse was considerate, thoughtful and friendly. In talking to me and asking questions, she picked up on the fact that I am intersex. I felt seen and listened to.”

“Throughout my medical journey as a trans patient I have typically been the doctors' first trans patient so I had to do all the medical research myself. Here on the other hand, I felt like I was finally seeing someone who knew more about trans medical care than me. It was a breath of fresh air to finally be treated by someone who knew how to treat trans patients. Also this exam has always been painful for me, but they used pediatric tools on me and I was pain free. I didn't know that was a thing! So happy with my experience!!”

“Dana was fantastic and I felt very comfortable in a typically extremely uncomfortable situation for me identifying as a trans man. I felt very safe and comfortable.”

“This is literally the only healthcare I receive because they are welcoming to LGBTQ* people and easily accessible.”

“I appreciated that my provider showed LGBT support. As a gay man, that makes me feel more comfortable and trusting of my provider.”

“Absolutely lovely. Very respectful of my queer identity and remembering my companion.”

“I appreciate that the NP on the website specifically indicates that the practice is welcoming to LGBTQ individuals -- we have many friends in that category and are glad to be able to recommend them to an appropriate practice.”

"Happy New Year! My name is Karen and I just wanted to reach out and let you know I really appreciate your references on your Stony Brook Medicine "LGBTQ" website. I've been educating my daughter, Marleigh, on 'sexual health' (it's about that time!) and it's made referencing much easier. So, thank you!"

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