Our Services

Clinical Services

Monitoring Services
•     Comprehensive Exams
•     Vitals, Lab Tests, Spirometry, Chest X-Ray
•     Mental Health Evaluations
•     Exposure Assessments (Initial Only)
•     Medical Data Documentation
•     Request for WTC Certified Conditions
•    Member Education on Health Issues

Diagnostic Services
•    Cancer Screenings
•     Referrals for Diagnostic Testing
•     Referrals for Specialty Consult
•     Medication Trials for Diagnostic Purposes

Treatment Services
•    Outpatient Services
•    Emergency Services
•    Inpatient Services
•    Other Special Services
•    Prescription Program
•    Durable Medical Equipment
•    Nutrition and Other Wellness Programs

Member Services and Case Management

Outreach, Information and Education
•    Program Education Materials Development
•    Member Program Benefits Education
•    Informing Members about Enrollment Process and Enrollment Center Instructions
•    Formal stakeholder communication mechanisms establishment and maintenance

Care Coordination and Case Management
•    Health and Needs Assessment
•    Certification Coordination
•    Cancer Screening Coordination
•    Cancer Care Management
•    Mental Health Care Management
•    Inpatient Care Management
•    General Medical Care Management
•    Referral Management
•    Prescription Management

Benefits Assistance
•    Annual Benefits Assessment
•    Benefits Counseling
•    Pharmacy Benefits Assistance
•    Workmens Compensation / Similar Benefits Coordination
•    Community Services for Non-Certified Conditions Assistance
•    Social Services Assistance
•    *Medical Appeals Education

 Member Retention

•    Member Support and Engagement Solutions
•    Call Center Assistance

Complementary Wellness Services

Pharmacy Program
•    Pharmaceutical education and counseling support
•    Comprehensive medication reviews

Nutrition Program
•    Comprehensive nutritional education and counseling  support
•    Nutritional Wellness Workshops

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